The best of heavy music offers more than shallow vanity. IMPERIAL TIDE continues that iconoclastic tradition with anthems of hope through struggle, aspiring to nothing less than radical change through aggressive action.IMPERIAL TIDE follows that lineage with a metallic hardcore-punk assault untethered to genre conventions and ready to smash preconceptions. “We came from the hardcore and metalcore scenes,” charismatic frontman Landon Hill explains. “And Las Vegas is different from anywhere else. The city gave us a hustle mindset. You can go there and get lost in the sauce, or you can find your own voice.”The band of five childhood friends, who now call both Las Vegas and Los Angeles home, brandish a hyper-charged, relentless, and adrenalized style. They combine the exuberance of bands like Knocked Loose, the versatility and uncompromising creativity of Code Orange, and the heady depths of Gojira. Like Turnstile, they’re masters of melodic perseverance. And their breakdowns are harrowing AF.