Claiming influence from such varied acts as Senses Fail, The Used, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and Blink-182, Outline in Color seamlessly blends elements of hard rock, metal, nu-metal, pop, and R&B. The vocals are heavily laden with soulful singing and tastefully peppered with screaming and backing vocals, and the music features both rhythmic grooves and atmospheric ambience. The totality is a genre-blurring experience that gifts the listener with melodies that linger and beg to be heard again.

In their strongest line-up yet, the current four members were all present in the band back in 2009, and the band is recentered back in Tulsa. They can finally really take delight in the scene they took a small hand creating, in their hometown, and in the band they grew to become. Sometimes it just takes the right people and a healthy dose of heart.