The Undertaking! is a chaotic rock n roll band from San Diego, CA. Getting started in 2019, they hit the ground running before the pandemic shut down the world. Shifting gears and taking advantage of the opportunities at hand, The Undertaking! signed a one album deal with Solid State Records and released their debut full length album in April 2021. Since releasing Funeral Psalms, they have toured the west and east coast with a stop in Texas as well. They are part of the Moniker Management family (managed by Joey Bradford). Funeral Psalms was produced and recorded by Joey at the Vibeatorium in Vista, CA. Their 2023 self-released EP, Superstitions, was recorded by the band and mixed by Tanner Sparks. The Undertaking! is Keith Butsko, Brent Jasperse, John Mercuri and Austin Visser.